What to Bring...

So you've decided to go on one of our Kayaking Excursions eh? Great!!, this will give you and idea of what you should bring with you depending on the weather forecast for the day in question. ADDITIONALLY: PLEASE BRING ANY PERSIONAL MEDICATIONS YOU MAY NEED!.

Packing based on predicted weather:

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    Kayaking on a hot sunny day

    When kayaking on a hot sunny day, it is appropriate to wear quick dry shorts and a t-shirt. A swim suit could be worn underneath, as on some of our tours you can enjoy a dip in the ocean or one of the lakes. Sturdy sandals are the footwear of choice when the temperatures rise. Sun hat, sunglasses and sunscreen are a must.
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    Kayaking on a cooler or overcast day

    When kayaking on a cooler day where there is little chance of rain or wind, just throw on the next layer. A mid-weight synthetic top, such as polypropylene, Lycra or polyester, over your long underwear and quick dry breathable pants works well. Please avoid cotton as it takes forever to dry and offers little insulation. You may also want to pull out the wool / fleece hat and lightweight gloves on the shoulder season trips.
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    Kayaking when there is a chance of showers or wind

    This is the time to pull out the waterproof wind breaker. If you do not have a paddling jacket, a light or midweight breathable jacket over the appropriate underlayer will keep out the wind and sprinkles of rain. Generally your legs will be warm and dry inside the kayaks, so rain pants are not necessary while paddling, unless we have a real downpour. With a cool wind a wool or fleece hat will help to keep you warm.
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    Kayaking in the rain

    As much as we don't like to admit, it can rain here sometimes in the summer. The sound of raindrops pattering on the water's surface can be very soothing, and as long as you dress for it, the rain can be a refreshing change. A brimmed rain hat, waterproof jacket, light rain pants, and rubber boots will do the trick. It's a good idea to bring along a few sets of underlayers so you have a dry set to change into if necessary. If you are uncertain of the waterproofness of your rain gear, you can always try it out in the shower!